Metaphor Paper

Metaphor Paper

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Running Head: Critical Thinking and Language

Critical Thinking and Language
University of Phoenix

The navy promotes world travel without a price. The price for the six months of travel is a sailor’s hard work. The first impression that the navy gave was that of a pawn in a chess game. The pawn is biased forward unless taken out by another chess piece. The navy is a chess game and all the sailors are pawns in this deadly game of chess. Naval aviation is unlike many occupations in the navy. The precision that the pilots must conquer while attempting to land on a moving vessel is like a person jumping on the roof of a moving train and landing on the same spot. Although my experience in naval aviation is well defined, my experience lies on maintaining the aircraft not flying it. Aircraft maintenance is an occupation that takes a high school diploma to perform, while flying the aircraft takes a college degree. Many sailors believe that obtaining a college degree will improve their overall job performance and knowledge. Although true, a college degree is a remedy for success not a cure for ignorance.

Language diversity

Language diversity plays a major role in critical thinking whether the language is written or spoken. Without the use of language, people would not have the ability to interpret thoughts. Language not only assists people to express themselves, but also
assists people with communication. Language is the “software” that allows our brain to think the way it does; without language the cerebral cortex lies largely unused. (Kirby, Goodpaster, 1999, p.2) Furthermore, language diversity plays an important role in the critical thinking process because a person’s mind understands a given message in the native language, however, if the answer is given in a different language then the person’s mind thinks twice. In addition, the critical thinking process takes more time because the person’s mind is trained to think in the native...

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