Political system Metaphor

Political system Metaphor

Organisation as
Political Systems
Interest, conflict and Power


Why should I have to obey the orders of my boss eight hours a
day? He control’s and order’s us all the time. Telling us what to
think and do. What gives him the right to do so. The company
pays our salaries, but that really does not mean it has right to
control our beliefs and feelings. It certainly has no right to
reduce us to robots who must obey every commands. We are

Types of Political Systems



Form of rule where opposing parties combine in the join management of mutual interests, as in a
coalition government or corporatism, each party drawing a specific power base.

Representative Democracy

Rule exercised through rule of knowledge, expert, power and ability to solve relevant powers.


Rule exercised through use of written word, which provides the basis for a rational-legal type of
authority or “rule of law”.


Power is held by individual or small group and supported by control of critical resource, property, etc
and claims to personal privilege.

Rule is exercised through the election of officers mandated to act on behalf of the electorate and who
holds office for a specified time period or so long as they command the support of electorate.

Direct Democracy

The system where everyone has an equal right to rule and is involved in decision making. It encourages
self-organizing as a key mode of organizing

Analysing Political systems
Morgan States that we can analyse organisational politics by
focusing on relations between: Interest, Conflict and power.

 Three

different types

 Task


Connected with the work one has to perform

 Career


Independent of the job being performed.

 Extramural


Act towards the relation of both job and...

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