Mgm Mirrage

Mgm Mirrage

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1. State the mission and goals of the company:

The mission of the company states "The resorts and casions of MGM Mirage are some of the most famous in the wold, widely credited for establishing a new generation of excitement in Las Vegas! Our 24 destionations are renowned for their winning combination of quality entertainment, luxurious facilities and eexcepitonal customer service.

Our dedicated staff of over 70,000 employees are commited to providing and unsurepassed experience ofr every on eof our guests. We are actively expanding our presence globally, with potential developments in a number of domestic and international markets. At MGM Mirage, we are striving together to deliver our entiving blend of entertainment to every corner of the world."

The goal of the MGM Mirage is to become the largest U.S. based gambling company. Currently they are second to Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. MGM hopes to achive this through successful intergration of their many properties and to a strong management team with a clear mission for the company. The mission has made it easy for managers to keep there eyes on the prize of being the largest U.S. gambleing company. They have provided substantioal financhial resources that has enabled the company to presue new venues not just in Las Vegas but around the world as well.

Currently MGM holds many properties such as its major Las Vegas Casino and Resorts the Bellagio, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, The Marage, Luxor, Treasure Island, New York-New York, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, and Circus Circus Las Vegas. Because of these acusitions the management team has been well rewarded. MGM Mirage has awarded there head managers over fifty million dollars in 2006 for salary, stock awards, option awards, non equity incentive plan compensation and other compensations. This may seem like a lot but not when the company it self brings in an estimated net revenues of 7.1 billion.

2. Who are products/services and the...

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