MGT 111 Midterm Exam Guide

MGT 111 Midterm Exam Guide

MGT 111 Midterm Exam Guide
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MGT 111 (Introduction to Public Administration) Midterm Exam Guide
MGT 111 Midterm Exam Guide

1. Which of the following statements is not true about decision making?
a) It is an act of determining a course of action.
b) It is related to all the traditional management functions.
c) It is synonymous with policy making.
d) It is related to policy making but not synonymous.

2. The term “self actualization” was first coined by:
a) Abarham Maslow
b) Kurt Goldstein
c) McGregor
d) Herzberg

3. Arrange Maslow’s Need Hierarchy in descending order:
I. Social
II. Self – Actualization
III. Physiological
IV. Ego
V. Security
a) III, V, I, IV, II
b) III, V, I, II, IV
c) II, IV, I, III, V
d) II, IV, I, V, III

4. The technique/s of citizens’ control over administration is/are :
a) Election
b) Public Opinion
c) Pressure Groups
d) All of the Given Options

5. The first country in the world to introduce the right to information was:
a) Norway
b) USA
c) Sweden
d) Finland

Preparation of the budget is the responsibility of:
a) Department of Revenue
b) Department of Expenditure
c) Department of Economic Affairs
d) Department of Budget

7. The essence of promotion is:
a) Change of Title
b) Change of Pay
c) Change of Assignment
d) Change of Duties and Responsibilities

8. Positive recruitment constitutes: maximizing mobilization of best qualified and most able candidates and_____________________.
a) Preventing favoritism in recruitment
b) Eliminating political influences in recruitment
c) Placing the...

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