MGT 350 Final Exam Guide

MGT 350 Final Exam Guide

MGT 350 Final Exam Guide

1) Bill Simmons is the manager of a small restaurant and must decide how much money he owes his suppliers. The best way for Bill to approach this as a critical thinker is to

2) Critical thinking is very important in making decisions that impact an organization’s growth and survival. Which of the following traits of a critical thinker is essential in this process?

3) When faced with a decision opportunity, a critical thinker must sort through a variety of readily apparent symptoms in order to focus on important considerations that may be hidden. Based on the decision steps model, when framing a problem a helpful step is to

4) In the stages of development of critical thinking, which of the following types of thinking entails exploring the foundation of our thinking and discover how we have come to think and believe we do?

5) One way for a leader to develop alternative perspectives for decision making is to:

6) The outcome of the process of framing the problem includes:

7) A form of critical thinking is fair-minded, persuasive thinking. When engaging in problem formulation and identification with a group, the fair minded persuader would:

8) Of the decision styles listed below, which one should be used for a non-urgent, yet critical and unusual problem affecting multiple stakeholders?

9) Urgent crisis conditions might call for a decision making style that is

10) A manager may properly choose to ignore a problem

11) ____________ is based on the concept that 80% of a project’s goal can be achieved by doing 20% of the work or that 80% of the problems are due to 20% of causes.

12) For urgent decisions, which approach may be the most efficient and effective use of the manager’s time when there are other critical competing priorities?


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