Michael's Paper

Michael's Paper

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Introduction: How many of you have been to the OSU Drag Show? (pause) Whether you know little about drag shows or are a drag queen yourself, going to a drag show is a unique experience for all that attend, performers and observers alike. From my experience of performing and observing two OSU Drag Shows, I can attest to the fact that attending a drag show is something everyone should experience. Today I am going to try to persuade you into going to the OSU Drag Show this Spring. I am going to do that by sharing with you that a drag show will get you out of your comfort zone, it is good entertainment, a learning experience, it is a good way to show support for your friends or fellow classmates who are performing and it is a celebration of sexuality.



1. benefits of getting out of your comfort zone
a. going to a performance that you may not be familiar with and seeing diversity lots of LGBT students there
b. learn to respect people that are different from you
c. “Only in giving up the security of the known can we create new opportunity, build capability, and grow influence.”***
d. “When people respect each other, there are less conflicts and less fighting” ***
2. entertainment
e. professional drag queens that dance and commentate
f. competition between different students
g. performances are either singing or dancing
h. girls dressed up as guys and guys dressed up as girls
i. drag queens provide comedy
j. everyone has a chance to dance on stage at the end usually to “Born This Way”
3. learning experience
k. drag queens and kings and their community
l. “A drag queen is usually explained as a man (usually gay) impersonating a women, or several women, for the purpose of entertainment or performance. They can range from those who do it as a job to those who...

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