Microsoft ‘s simply structure

Microsoft ‘s simply structure

From a functional perspective, Microsoft's various departments can be divided in three categories:

R & D

Including all technical departments responsible for product development.

Global sales, marketing and service

Responsible for the products of promotion, sales and service, support and so on.


Microsoft has its own instituted which focuses on basic science and cutting-edge technology research institutions.

How do they accomplish a project?

there are 6 steps.

Product management

The key goal of product management is satisfied customers. Their first step is to identify and clear understanding of customer. Make a clear definition and analysis of the needs of customer and business and push forward the project and ideas.

program management

The mission is to ensure that the product can be released on schedule as required by the project resources and deadlines.

In order to achieve the goal of product release, the program manager needs to develop and manage the project schedule, cost budget, product characteristics statement. And responsible for promoting product development process smoothly.


Their main task is to use suitable technologies and tools to achieve the project objectives and complete physical design of product. In addition, developers must carefully consider the possible impact on product quality of every aspect of development.


Test role is the last part of the project to ensure product quality. Testers should find out as many defects or errors as possible before the final release of the product.

release management

To ensure a smooth release of the product, to provide services and support for the normal operation of the project.

Coordinate with external and the related work of product release.

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