Mind vs. Body

Mind vs. Body

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Can one exist without the other?

Student: Conecia Burke
Student Number: 100707147
Professor: Ken Ferguson
Course: PHIL 1301
Due Date: Monday December 7th, 2009

Does the mind need the body in order for it to have existence? To answer this question I deemed it necessary to begin the analysis of this question by defining certain key terms, starting with the concept of the “mind”. The mind refers to anything that includes the mental states, such as thoughts and sensations of a living being. The “body” refers to anything that has mass, color or shape; that of which can be extended into space (Ferguson. Minds 1 lecture). Finally, the word “existence” refers to the continuance of being; state of being; an entity ( HYPERLINK "http://www.dictionary.com" www.dictionary.com). With the definitions of these terms provided, are you now able to answer the question proposed at the beginning of this essay? If your answer is ‘No’, I am not surprised, as there may never be enough information available to adequately respond to that question.

However, I will attempt to tackle that question within my essay. My argument will express the idea that everything around you exists. One cannot prove that ‘something’ does not exist, because if it truly did not exist, you would not be able to debate of the ‘thing’s’ existence in the first place. When something exists you are aware of it, if it does not exist, it is out of one’s frame of mind and you are unaware of it. However, when one believes that something does exist; one will have to be able to prove how and why this thing is in existence. Opposers to this argument, would pose question that if something is conceivable in the mind does that automatically mean that it exists? This question leads me to the thoughts of Descartes. Descartes’ ‘conceivability’ argument which is introduced in the sixth meditation, directly addresses the question of the relation between the mind and body. I am of the opinion,...

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