Fresno City College Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization September 27th, 2013 Club Agenda I. II. III. Call to Order-Kyle: 11:14 Members sign in: Approval of last week’s minutes: 11:15 A motion was made by Callie Gerbrandt to approve the minutes from 9/20/13 meeting. A second was made by Dennis jones. Reports: A. Callie on canopy screen: 11:16 1. Flame retardant mesh food wall; 4 walls worth $267.11 2. Complete mesh canopy; 4 walls worth $129.99. (Shall consider these if 4 wall canopy is needed) B. CPRO on Club Rush: 11:27 Dennis sent information through e-mail for his report  September Review C. ICC Report-Colton: 11:39  The club does need to sign paper work for any off campus events  For our marketing, we need to use 1 of 4 Fresno City College logo’s D. Financial report- no report- CFO not present at time E. Cris on EA Training: 11:41  Club voted on mass email to members for reviewing the minutes as well as being on blackboard. F. President report: 11:44  Committee to succeed in educational plan pertain to CEO club. G. Advisor report: 11:48  Present balance for account number 711676 is $5,591; just the ending balance, no detail in document.  Are we going to belong to national CEO club? –decide as a club Old Business -Kyle: 11:58 A. Parliamentary Procedure Kyle sent document for Parli-pro to members New Business-12:00 A. Appointment of Auditor-email President if interested B. Club Rush Reimbursements- no one filed for reimbursements C. Discuss revenue Generator  Kyle: CollegeMade- sell student hand crafted items online  Alexis: FCCR- on campus radio  Club Consulting  Business Affiliation




D. Launch Party  Committee: Alexis, Jessica, Hector, Allison, Perman, Kyle Club Rush  Two weeks away  Committee: Hector, Perman, Jessica, Alexis, Colton, John E. Trip to Google/Youtube  Almost decided we might tag along with CITzero  Make a committee F. Two-Year Cycle Committee  Local Entrepreneurs  Other Professors  Business Owners ...

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