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Pass the salt!
By Annabel Hofstee, Year 10 Chemistry
To make and test for salt by neutralisation and titration including hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
That salt and water will be the products of this experiment.
Safety glasses
50 ml burette
Retort stand
Boss head
25 ml pipette
Pipette bulb
Drop bottle of phenolphthalein indicator
Small funnel
0.1M Sodium hydroxide solution
Dropping bottle of silver nitrate solution
Ceramic triangle
Heat proof mat
Bunsen burner
100 ml conical flask
White plastic covered paper
Wire shaped into a triangle
0.1M Hydrochloric acid solution
Evaporating dish
Sample of sodium chloride
Test tube
Small beaker
Beam balance
Distilled water
Test tube rack

Safety issue
Harmful chemicals that could splash/ spit up into eyes
Wear safety glasses and make sure that there is a ‘safe’ amount of distance (common sense) between your eyes and the chemicals
Be careful when using glass, do not run with it or move the glass briskly. Make sure that test tubes are always held (test tube rack/tongs etc.) and not just left on the bench
Be careful when using the Bunsen burner, see teacher for instructions on use. Make sure that safety flam is turned on when the Bunsen burner is not boiling the liquid.
Exposed cuts and burns
Make sure that cuts are hidden from the acids, and that you wash your hands after the experiment. Make sure that the right tools are used for the experiment (ei. Tongs are used for removing heated objects for the flame)

1.The burette was rinsed with 10mL of Distilled Water
2.The burette was next rinsed with 10mL of Hydrochloric Acid Solution
3. After the burette was rinsed, the retort stand, with the bosshead and clamp were assembled and the burette was attached.
4.Using the funnel, the burette was then filled with 50mL of
Hydrochloric Acid Solution.

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