AIM = Animals & Wildlife
Day of week = Sunday

Day number =
DofE group name =
Big foot and the little toes
Address =
Collage avenue,
Tel No = 01375 376173
Email= coughlanm@graysconvent.thrrouck.sch.uk
Setting out time =

Date = 12/7/15
Place with grid reference
General direction or bearing
Distance (Km)
Height climbed (m)
Time allowed for journeying
Time allowed (meals & rests & exploring)
Total time for leg
Brief detail of route
Start – Skreens Park, 625 081

To – 596 073
1:45 hours
35 mins
Head West along a footpath with a wood and building to the left. Take the first turning on the left and carry on walking on the footpath. Then turn right with Hangman’s spring to the left. After a while there should be a field to the left and right. There now should be a minor road at the end of the path. Walk along the road with buildings to the right. Take the first turning on the left so there should now be a fence to the left. Follow the path then turn right when reaching a four-way path. Carry on this footpath but DO NOT take the first right. The path should lead onto another minor road and carry on straight along Wood Lane. Take the 3rd turning on the right where there should be a wood to the left. Carry on straight along the bridle path passing 2 right turnings. Cross another minor road where there should be a church either side of the path opposite.
To – 574 063
1:30 hours
30 mins
Carry along the bridle path heading west with the sewage works to the left. Take the path to the left and NOT the bridle path to the right. Carry on down the footpath until reaching a minor road. Turn left and walk along the road where Honkhams should be up ahead on the left. On the right when reaching a path and bridle way, follow the path which then leads onto the bridleway a short while later. Follow the bridleway along Essex Way, with buildings and Witney Green to the left....

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