The Study of the Creation Approach in The Grape of Wrath from the Perspective of Symbolism


April 24, 2012

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关键词:《愤怒的葡萄》 象征主义 人物 景物 结构


For a long time, John Steinbeck has been remembered by worldwide people as a realistic writer. The creation approach study of his work has always started from in aspect of reality. But I think that the symbolism in Steinbeck's work also played an important role in his masterpiece "The Grapes of Wrath" at the same time highlights his realistic writing style, but also shows his wonderful symbolism creation approach. In this article, at the first part I will make a simple introduction of symbolism and symbolism literature. At the second part, I will introduce the writer of this book. At last part I will make a concrete analysis of this book to appropriate the good use of symbolism on this book. This paper tries to start from the title of the novel, the characters, plot structure, to explore the symbolism implicit in the description of the reality.

Key Words:the Grapes of Wrath, Symbolism, Characters, Scenes, Plot.


Introduction 1ᄃ
1 Overview of Symbolism 2ᄃ
1.1 The Definition of Symbolism 2ᄃ
1.2 The Definition of Symbolism Literraure...............................................................4
2 John Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath 4ᄃ
2.1 John Steinbeck 's Life Experiences and Introduction 5ᄃ
2.2 The Creation Background of The Grapes of Wrath 6ᄃ
3 The Concrete Embodiment of Creation Approach in The Grapes of Wrath from Symbolism 7ᄃ
3.1 Characters 7ᄃ
3.1.1 Jim Casey Who Took on the Mission of Modern Jesus 7ᄃ
3.1.2 Rose-of-Sharon―The...

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