Mkt 501 Module 2

Mkt 501 Module 2

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MKT 501



Two Primary Attributes
The two main attributes of the company are price and the other is frills attached within the flight. Based on these criteria, the positioning map is made below (U.S. Air Carriers, 2003) .

High Cost
US Air No Frills
| American Airlines Luxurious
United Airlines |
AirTran Northwest Southwest Jet Blue | Continental |

Low Cost

Primary Target Markets
The primary target market of the company is medium to high frequency business travelers. Other target market that is smaller is size are the people who want to travel short distances upto 750 - 1700 miles within the country. However the main segmentation of the target market is done on the price conscious (low- cost) travelers whose travelling frequency is high. Also a much smaller group of the target market includes the holiday-makers or the people who leave for vacations. (Sloan, 1999)

Product Categories
The company offers just one main product which is the travelling experience. However for its travelers Southwest Airlines has booking services for hotels and car rental services on the booking of any flight on the discretion of the traveler. These however are related services accessible only if a person has booked a flight from Southwest Airlines. (Southwest Airlines, 2009)
Within the air travel product, the company offers sub-category of products tailor-made for their segmented target market. For the holiday-makes they have vacation packages that come in various costs and destinations. For business professionals they have rewards program for frequent fliers. And other packages and discounts are...

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