TEFL unit 2 module 1

TEFL unit 2 module 1

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Write 2 sentences in each of the following tenses and where appropriate use complex sentences in order to demonstrate the tense in context eg ‘When I was......., I .........’

1. present simple

a) I usually sleep on Sunday mornings

b) Sarah works 8 hours every day

2. present continuous or present progressive

a) Sarah is reading a book now

b) he is preparing for his exams

3. past simple

a) When I was young I liked toys and dolls

b) I saw a movie yesterday

4. past continuous (progressive)

a) You were studying when he called.

b) I was watching TV when she called.

5. present perfect

a) You have seen that movie many times

b) Have you read the book yet?

6. present perfect continuous (progressive)

a) You have been waiting here for two hours

b) Have you been exercising lately?

7. past perfect

a) I had never seen such a beautiful place before I went to Rome

b) You had studied English before you went t Boston

8. past perfect continuous (progressive)

a) Had you been waiting there for more than two hours when she finally arrived?

b) Sue was tired because she had been jogging

9. future tense (be careful!)

a) Will you help him later?

b) Are you going to meet Sue tonight?

10. 'going to' form (as a future)

a) we are going to sing at the party

b) he’s going to read the book

11. present simple used as a future form

a) They will finish the work tomorrow

b) He will arrive next Monday

12. present continuous/progressive used as a future form

a) I am seeing my doctor on Friday

b) Steve is coming for dinner tomorrow

13. future perfect

a) My next September I will have received my cheque

b) By the time I finish this course, I will have taken 20 tests.

14. first conditional (probable condition)

a) If I don’t hurry up, I’ll miss the bus

b) If you wear glasses you could see it better


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