Modern Rice Milling Process

Modern Rice Milling Process
Modern Rice Milling Process

» Operations and Equipments:
Overall operation in a modern rice mill involves handling of stored paddy and milling it to get polished rice. In brief, the rice milling process is as follows:

» Cleaning
Principle of cleaning paddy is based on different in physical properties such as weight, size, density and properties of impurities and paddy Impurities lighter than paddy are removed by an aspirator.

» Dehusking
Our modern rice mills have Rubber roll Sheller as the principal dehusking unit.

» Husk Separation
The mixture of shelled paddy (brown rice), remaining unshelled paddy, some brokens and husk comes out of the Sheller. This mixture is subjected to sieving-cum aspiration/ aspiration to separate brokens and husk. Sieving prior to aspiration helps to recover the brokens. Husk is separated from heavier paddy and rice by aspiration.

» Paddy Separation
Shelling is never done to the level of 100% to avoid rice breakage. Grains differ in size. So smaller grains remain unshelled. A paddy separate is thus used to separate paddy from brown rice. The separated paddy is returned to the Sheller while brown rice is carried forward to the polisher. The separation is accomplished by taking advantage or the differences in density, size and surface roughness between paddy and brown rice.

» Polishing
Some amount of polishing or removal of bran layers is essential for easy cooking and storage. There are two types of polishers (whiteners). Abrasive and Friction.

» Precision Sizer
Used for removing thin and oversized grains, leaving behind uniform grains for good cooking result & slender grains.

» Sortex
We have modern machines fully equipped which cleans rice, removes discoloured grains, leaving behind clean (pearl white grains).

» Grading
After polishing operations, the milled rice contains head rice and broken of different sizes. Separation of brokens from head rice is termed...

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