Rice Milling Machinery Entire Process Introduction

Rice Milling Machinery Entire Process Introduction

RICE MILLING MACHINERY process is a complex process changing paddy to rice. The follow is detail introduction about rice milling machinery process. In the introduction if you have any problem pls contact us without hesitation( www.rice-mill.org)

1.Main produce flow.
The parboiled paddy collection、dust removal and store must in the short period, especial in the harvest period to finish it. The most of paddy after weighting then store in the material warehouse. The paddy through the feeding appliance conveys to the cleaner to removal the impurity

Before the paddy to milling, it must be removal the dust and impurity. Through the screen which will removal the straw、sand、leaf, and the destoner will removal the stone and other hard impurity.

3.soaking and cooking
On the standard cooking area, the paddy is be soaking、cooking and drying which on the control processing method, it will guarantee the weight of the standard parboiled paddy.

The husk through drying which after cooking will reach the store and processing’s goal moisture.

5.husking and separate
Using the rubber roller to husking, the separator to separate the brown rice. And the gravity paddy will separate again, the un-husking paddy will return to the husker to again husking. The brown rice convey to the rice whitener and polisher.

6.whitening and polishing
The brown rice is be whitening in the whitner, after the whitening processing, the rice can be store longer. The polisher is the can be chose its, through the polisher will get the better quality rice.

7.rice grade
Through the rice grader, the broken rice will be separate out and the whole rice will be grade on the size.

8.rice color select
Get rid of the heterochromatic granules in the rice.

The processing rice can be packing in the different weight and form finished rice on the market demand.

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