Modern Society Problems

Modern Society Problems

Pornography would be a problem. Jobs around the world have caught employees many time watching an adult site. It is also a high percentage of marriage divorces caused by one of the partners in the marriage not being able to resist the temptation of the site. My solution to that is pretty simple, I think to prevent that all you have to do is get a software that schools have to prevent workers and even your partner from looking up things like that.

Alcoholics is another problem. It seem to be that the world has a lot of problems with alcohol abuse. It's come to the point where doctors have delivered babies and smelled alcohol on their breath. My response to that is that the mother should be punished or put in jail for possibly giving the new born an addiction to the substance or worse harm the baby before it is born.

Music would be another huge problem. It doesn't seem like it but it is. I agree to some peoples opinion about rap music, it does influence bad things, such as our language, the way we treat women, and also the way we dress. My response would be not to listen to it if you don't like the things that it influences you to do.

Society seems to put a lot of things into peoples head to make it seem as if it is ok. But what it really is doing is the opposite. For example back to the rap music, they seem to make it seem as smoking, drinking, and disrespecting females is ok, but its not if you look at my three topics above it proves that its not.

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