Montana 1948 Joy of Suprise

Montana 1948 Joy of Suprise

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Montana 1948

In Montana 1948, Larry Watson tells us the story of the Hayden Family which finds itself torn apart by loyalty and justice. In this novel Watson often incorporates “surprises” to add drama and grip the reader. A major “surprise” would be when Gail reveals to Wes that Frank, his uncle, “has molested Indian girls,” and taken “Indecent liberties.” This surprise is taken as the main part of the story as it continues and drives the plot all the way till the tragic ending. A second example may be that when the substantial evidence proving that his Uncle Frank did do these acts the pressure set upon Wes and the sheriff decides to go against his father and his family loyalty by imprisoning Frank. This move creates a respect from Gail, David and the reader towards Wes’s “surprising” move. The last, but most unpredictable, moment of surprise occurs after Frank commits suicide. The major factor behind his motives reveals a courageous side of Frank to keep his family, the law, from a great embarrassment by arresting one of their own family members.

Watson begins the story by revealing the setting and descriptive characterization of all the main characters in Montana 1948. While this occurs the story currently had no conflicts and seems to remain that way until Gail tells Wes Frank molests his Indian patients. This turns the story 180 degrees by adding a major conflict in the plot. This occurs after Marie explains her refusal to see a doctor, in this case Uncle Frank, by telling Wes “when he examines Indian girls he does things to them.” David helps explain this by saying he heard his mother, while being told the description of what Frank does to the Indian girls, use words that he “never heard mother use.” This is further more important to the plot as it reveals a segment of the truth leaving the rest ambiguous as to the extent of Frank’s “Examinations.” The reason it may do this is when Wes’s integrity is put into question by not arresting him then. It...

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