Moore's Law

Moore's Law

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Class 25:
Moore’s Law, One More Time

2. It is becoming ever more important to create strong passwords because of the truths of Moore’s Law. The business of cracking passwords has become more and more easy with the constant development of cheap data, and faster computers. Strong passwords can be hacked in a matter of months rather than years reveling private information, making users extremely vulnerable to fraud.

3. Using scenario three in this case study we can see the value of using different passwords for different accounts. In this scenario, hackers were able to obtain email accounts of 144,000 people. For those individuals their email password was compromised. People usually have all their Internet activities registered through their email address. These hackers now have the ability to see what these people are up too, and if they use the same password for multiple accounts all those accounts are now compromised. Personally my online banking is linked to my email if the two account passwords were the same a hacker would have no trouble stealing all my money.

4. Data communications are very present in all the scenarios in this case. Data communication allows the criminals/hackers the ability to decoded stored information in databases. In each of these scenarios criminals found flaws in the cyber systems and were able to hack encoded data for the use of stealing personal information to promote a financial gain.

5. I disagree that Moore’s Law is enabling criminals more than the “good guys.” I think that Moore’s Law has helped both equally. The game of cyber technology has brought much more innovation to the good guys; tragically criminals are able to exploit the ever-changing market. In this case wee saw many examples of how criminals were able to hack into databases and obtain information. We also saw how the good guys developed updates to fix and secure those networks. It seems to be a game of cat and mouse. The book gives examples to use...

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