Mordern Technology

Mordern Technology

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Question: You are a newspaper reporter. On hearing the appearance of a U.F.O in your area, you conduct a survey and make the following notes of the event. Using the notes, write a report for your news paper in about 150-175 words.
Notes: The U.F.O first sighted in the village Behram, near Nainital – 15th May – a large craft, round in shape – hissing noise - green light – 3 strange creatures seen – entered the house of a poor laborer, who fainted to see them – another witness saw them with gadgets like wireless – cum – TV sets in the field.
A mysterious giant U.F.O has been sighted in the village Behram, in Nainital, on 15th of May. Details given by many eyewitnesses confirm that it was a large U.F.O craft, round in shape. When it approached near the village it gave a hissing sound and green lights were growing around it. Some of the eyewitnesses say that they saw three strange creatures. Mr. Gopinath poor agriculture laborer was reported fainted after seeing the alien creatures that entered his house. Another witness said that he saw the aliens with some wireless gadgets and TV like sets.

Scientists and police men are under investigation in the village. There has been three witnesses of U.F.Os in 1945, 1959, 1978, 1995 and the next one here and this is the first sighting in India. Scientists are trying to find out some similarities among the four areas of sighting, to know the main thing of attraction of the aliens on Earth.

What clearly are U.F.Os? Where are that made and where do they come from? Are they real or optical illusions? Or Are they one of the tricks played by the scientists of the world? The deeper we go inside the topic the more queries we get on the topic. Scientists are trying there level best to find a solution for this enigma. Let us hope to get a better answer for these dilemma in the near future.

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