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Thesis Statement
To quote an author “Guys are from Mars, and girls are from Venus”

Argument 1
Shy guys tease girl’s because they have trouble communicating with girls or don’t know how to respond to things a girl says.
Argument 2
Girls want to be friends with a guy but guys only want sex from them.
Argument 3
Every time a guy meets a girl or vice versa you give them a quick mental rating, basically you are judging the guy or girl.

I am going to be talking to you about how guys are so entirely different from girls that it is almost as if we are from two entirely different planets…quoting “ guys are from mars and girls are form Venus” but that facts are so true ! We are different. In my three arguments I will be talking about how guys are shy, how they always want sex from us, and how they usually give us a quick mental rating to see if we are any good or not, basically if we are worth it or not.

Guys that are usually so shy will tease a girl, especially if they like that girl. All the facts in this are true because guys literally don’t know how to behave around us! They really don’t. Some guys don’t think they can treat a girl as an equal so those guys that are shy tend to avoid even talking to a girl, and that they just really don’t know how to communicate! Guys often misunderstand a girl, just because a guy is built more efficiently for hard working, (i.e... guys are the hunters) and on the other side we have the girls, who are not, unfortunately, built like men so in retrospect….girls are the gatherers, which is how it used to be in the olden days when men actually were the hunters and women gathered and tended the house and all that. Girls’ physical structure alone is different compared to men and we aren’t really meant to be in such rough sports now are we?

All guys want from a girl when they meet her is ex, sex, sex…….why is this you ask? Well it is because an average guy thinks about sex every six minutes and this is a proven fact....

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