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A huge tsunami hit japan because of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake before which was one of the largest ever recorded earthquakes which came to Japan's eastern coast, killing thousands of people. The also hit a nuclear power station which made the world aware of how dangerous nuclear power actually is. Japan crisis made Germany temporarily shut down their nuclear power plants because on the BBC website it says “The move comes after concerns about radiation leaks at a Japanese plant after the earthquake. The EU has also reached agreement on "stress tests" of all European nuclear facilities. We want to look at the risk and safety issues in the light of events in Japan," the European energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger said.

3 steps of a Tsunami

1.An underwater earthquake occurs and then the seafloor snaps ,lifting a column of water above it. Gravity pulls the water back down fanning waves outward.

2,Individual waves in a tsunami are spread out and the distance between two waves which is called wavelength can be hundreds of kilometres long. Each wave’s amplitude, or height, Is rarely more than 3 feet at first
3, as waves meet the continental slope and shallower water, wavelength decreases and wave amplitude rises.The Tsunami height was between 15-20metres and 10,000 people died and 17,000 people are still missing.
This is an eye witness who almost died from the tsunami “I had about 20 minutes to evacuate with my mother we drove to a higher area than a recommended safe area so I was sure it was ok. Someone shouted “It’s coming” and I got out to have a look, the water was upon us . I just got my mother out of the car, but she tripped over, as I reached out to grab her. The tsunami swept us away .I was sure I was going to die .it was dark in the water, I was being hit by a debris on all sides and I couldn’t breath. I saw an entire house coming towards me buth the surge forced me forward and suddenly up into the air and into the...

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