mr long

mr long

Dec Mock exam: Unit 4

The four lines below (called the pre-release/steer) give the same amount of information that you will get from the board roughly four weeks before the summer exam.

Pre release: Explore and evaluate the range of approaches to coping with tectonic hazards.
Research the different approaches to coping with the challenges of tectonic hazards in a range of geographical locations.

In your mock you will have one hour (real exam hour and a half) to write the findings and bibliography sections of your report. The findings section constitutes the main section of your report and is the part where you basically answer the question. Your key assignment focused on the findings section.

To prepare for the exam your starting point is the text book. You then need to broaden your research by using the resources on ilearn. In particular you should look at:

PAR model
Kates’ model
Plate tectonic theory (different plate margins)
Hazard event profile
Degg model
Hazard risk equation
Modern technology and how it helps communities cope e.g. prediction, preparedness and hazard proofing.

The above will give you the theoretical underpinning you need to answer whatever specific question you are posed in the mock. In addition you need to research a wide range of case studies linked to the steer. You also need to learn a range of relevant diagrams so that you can draw a minimum of two relevant ones in the exam.

In the exam you MUST allocate five minutes to planning. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get your head round the question without this. Your plan means you can structure your material. If you simply look at one case study after another and there is no underpinning framework (usually linked to theory) you will get no higher than a C.

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