Mr Tweets

Mr Tweets

King of the Class

Just a kid from D.C.
Walk around this town and see all the history
I spit fire like a dragon, Bruce Lee.

Yea I’m from that school in Northeast
Where the priests call it home and the nuns roam
But I’m just looking for a girl to give me some dome.

The college life is where it’s at
BP is on and I’m up to bat
I crush shots like Bryce Harper
But everyday my mind stays getting sharper

I’m the king of this house, call me Hugh Laurie
Don’t step to me unless you know my story
I’m rising to the top and you at the bottom
My rise has just started and it’s still Autumn


What I’m doing should be illegal
I’m the center of this game like Jay Beagle
Pass me the mic and it’s game over
I’m too sweet, Russell Stover.

Check the boxscore, I’m always ahead
I’ve already won and left you for dead.
When you see me, I want you to bow down
Cause in this city I will always wear the crown.

I dish these rhymes like John Wall,
Yea you used to be the king, can I call you Saul?
I took the castle and the throne,
You think you’re Goliath? Well then I’m David and this is my stone.

My time here is done, like Derek Jeter
I aint no ARod, so don’t call me a cheater.
I’m done here and so are you,
this shit is over, call it through.

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