mr. verdudoo

mr. verdudoo

Level 2 Medical/Surgical Quiz 2 Study Guide
50-Question test with multiple choice, completion, matching,
sequencing and multiple response
Spelling counts for all completion items
Adult Health Book Chapter 7
The Nursing Diagnosis Boxes (green boxes) and the Safety Alert box is the
majority of the test. If you understand the concept that RBC disorders lead
to increased risk for fatigue and nursing interventions to prevent fatigue,
you should be good; then apply the same principle to WBC and platelet
disorders ☺.
“Table 7-1 & Safety Alert Box”
What is the normal range for hemoglobin (lowest low and highest
high); what type of precautions if low

What is the normal platelet count; what type of precautions if low

What is the normal white blood cell count; what type of precautions
if low

What are appropriate nursing interventions for this patient (see
Activity intolerance r/t tissue hypoxia; dyspnea​
and ​
Prevent fatigue​

“Red Blood Cells”
What items are necessary for healthy erythropoiesis [multiple

What is the process for erythropoiesis [sequence]

What effect on cells does anemia have

“White Blood Cells”
What type of cell is a neutrophil [completion]

What process do neutrophils use to destroy and remove cellular
debris, etc.

What are bands

What type of infection do you see with bands

What is the process of hemostasis [sequence]

What are the main functions of the spleen [multiple response]

I accidently put the same question on your test TWICE; so, make
sure you get them both right ☺
“Complete Blood Count”
What information is included in a CBC [multiple response]

“Schilling Test and Megaloblastic Anemia Profile”
What are normal findings of excretion of radioactive vitamin B​

“Hypovolemic Anemia”
Etiology and Pathophysiology:
What is the reduction in total blood volume [completion]

What will you assess when a patient is in shock [multiple choice and...

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