Ms Warkup

Ms Warkup

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TDA31.1 Understand the principles of developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.

Positive relationships in a school are created by effective communication skills being demonstrated. The way you approach people and the way in which they respond helps to build positive relationships. However effective communications and positive relationships do not happen automatically. We need to think about how we relate to other people and how this is received. It is also important to consider the ways in which we can develop them. If communication breaks down this can lead to bad feelings. If others are comfortable in our company, they will be more likely to communicate effectively. If people do not get along or do not trust one another they are likely to avoid one another where ever possible. When communication is clear, precise and easy to understand, it is known as effective communication and is very important in personal and professional settings.

The basic fundamental principles of good communication remain the same whoever you are communicating with, but the way you communicate with children, young people and adults will vary.

How this can help children
When there is effective communication between pupils and adults, pupils will have a proper understanding of what they are expected to do, how they are expected to behave and what resources they need. They will be able to speak to adults about what they know or don’t understand.

How this can help young people
Although young people are more advanced in their communication and language skills, their humour may change as they begin to understand and use sarcasm and wit. Their ability to think logically begins to mature and as their intellect increases so does their confidence and skills required to debate formally and informally. The primary reason for the occurrence of conflict is poor or misunderstood communication.

With effective communication you are able to...

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