Music Is My Life - nirvana

Music Is My Life - nirvana

As cliché as it sounds, drumming is my nirvana. The contentment I derive from it is supreme – its effect is transcendental. I want to share this feeling with those around me too and hence hold regular drums lessons for friends. I would love to hold these lessons for my Ross classmates as well. I look at it as a small gesture of giving back to the music that gives me such fulfillment.

When life tends to knock me down music has a way of uplifting and encouraging myself to try harder and never give up. It’s a way for me to cope through everything that is good and bad that goes on in this world.

I like to think that I have learned every life lesson from a music book. I have found that sometimes I need to slow down my pace, even if the person next to me is going faster. I have found that sometimes life will throw me notes that I have never seen before, and it isn’t whether or not I know them that defines the type of player I am, it is my willingness to learn them. Life will give me measures that I cannot handle, that I don’t know how to handle, but I can always find a way to work through them.

I won’t hit every note, and I won’t play everything perfect the first time through. Sometimes I’ll have to slow down, and other times I’ll need to pick up the pace. There will be accidentals, and they may catch me off guard, but the greatest players will never let a few tricky notes affect the rest of the piece. I may come to a section that will cause me great difficulty, but if I work hard I will eventually play it with ease. And if I play with passion, I can make even the simplest of notes sound like a symphony.

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