My 4-H story

My 4-H story

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My 4-H Story
Before I started 4-H I was just a normal every day kid, but when my father met his current wife she showed me to the wonderful world of 4-H. I didn’t like it at first, but eventually I learned to like it. I finally liked to do something that others do too. I find the leadership program in 4-H to be very interesting because there are many things it can help you with in the future. I think the public speaking program interesting because everyone thinks it’s really hard, but it’s not, its actually pretty easy.

In leadership I have done many things that include, leading meetings, making events, hosting events, and planning events. In photography I have also done quite a few things. Many of these things include leading workshops and acquiring the leadership position of County Reporter.

In the project area of leadership I learned many things such as, the main seven characteristics that it takes to be a leader, I learned how to work on a budget, and I learned how to present my ideas to a corporation or business. While doing the public speaking projects I learned how to do many things like, speak in front of an audience, write a speech, and make an illustrated power point. I learned many of these things through my many years in 4-H, but I learned a lot in the past few month while working with many different people.

I have helped many other 4-h’ers while working in the project of leadership. I helped a group of students by showing them how to tie fishing knots, which required the ability to lead. I have helped many people in the project area of public speaking. I helped the creek county shotgun club by giving a speech encouraging them to give speeches.

I also do many things in the project of photography, I am currently the Creek County Reporter, and in order to do this job I take a lot of pictures. All of these pictures I then compile and make A slideshow for the County banquet that takes place at the end...

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