My Birthday

My Birthday

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It was 10 days until my birthday I was so excited but it was all rewind well, this is what had happened I invited nearly the whole grade but only 2 people came I was very devastated but I got over it. I thought we should just have a family party. The day after my birthday we started the day off like this I wore my favourite top with some jeans my brother was jealous of me because he had never ever had he’s birthday celebrated. I thought every time I’d celebrate my birthday just with my family.
For my presents I got a Nintendo ds light, a bratz doll, a mysterious book, pairs of shoes and pairs of clothes most of all I liked my Nintendo ds light.

. Gary, also known as Blacky, first experiences racial prejudice and begins to develop awareness of the racism around him.
and Fairest. It's bullshit. That's Dumby's Trophy."
Blacky reacted by running outside with a lot of anger building inside of him and told anyone who was in his way to 'Piss Off'. Blacky realized how racist his town was against the Nungas. This was the turning point of
Blacky's reaction was to go along with his friend to be racist.
Blacky starts to become aware of the racial prejudice of his town. The beginning of Blacky's awareness was when he was sitting with Clarence
begins to develop awareness of the racial prejudice of his town by reacting uncomfortable and
of t
-- because of skin color, language,...

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