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my essay

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Uriel Hernandez
Period: 4
Five letters, is what it takes to make up my name. U, is the first letter of my name, R is the second letter of my name followed by IEL. These five letters is what makes up my name, Uriel. My name is five letters, short, and an uncommon name. My name isn’t a very common name nor is it a popular name. I like my name, it is not a very common name that many people have. It is a unique name that many people don’t have and I like that because it makes me feel that I have something other people don’t have.

My name was on a list my Aunt had for my parents to choose on what I could have been named. My dad was the first one to check on the list and he didn’t really like any of the names that were on that list but mine. He like the name Uriel because he said it was a name that people he had met didn’t have. He liked the name because it was a unique name an uncommon name. He didn’t want to name me something that many other people had because he figured it would have been difficult to know who was who by their first name. So that is why he wanted to name me Uriel. My mom also checked the list and she also didn’t like the names but mine because all of the other names were common names that many Mexican parents named their children like Jose, Juan, Miguel etc. She also liked my name for the same reason my dad did.

I have been trying to find what my name means. But I really can’t find what my name means. The only definition that came up when I searched up my name was that it meant angel of light. Also when I searched up my name it showed that it is the name of an angle. But I really don’t care what my name means. My name does mean a good thing it doesn’t mean something bad but I don’t really care what my name means. I don’t because it is a name many people don’t have so that is probably why doesn’t have a meaning when I searched it up.

Overall I like my name because it is a unique name, an uncommon name. My name is not...

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