My Horse

My Horse

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The Most beautiful Horse in the World

Author: Diane Redmond
Title: The most beautiful horse in the world
Place: Virginia
Year of Publication: 1994
Brief summary of the book: My book is about a girl name Cara she loves horses and she fell in love with a horse name Lucas. Her parents couldn’t afford a horse for her and they always told her the same answer NO! Then one day her dream came true!

The setting of my story took place in Virginia at Hunter’s Riding School. Cara is a sweet little girl who has a passion for horses, she rides day and night on a wonderful horse name Lucas and she has a good sense of humor and a great personality. The other characters in the story are Mrs. & Mr. Zol, Tansy and Ms. P.

Cara’s parents couldn’t afford a horse for her but she want to enter the Culpepper show then Ms. P told her she was not ready for it yet. Cara also doesn’t get along with Vanessa who is training Lucas and also calls her bad names. If the setting took place in Virgin Islands Cara would be able to afford a horse and Ms. P would train Cara enough to get her into the Culpepper show. Cara along with Vanessa would get along because they would enjoy being on the beautiful island of St. Croix.

The author did achieve her purpose in the story; her writing was very beautiful because anyone dreams can come true if you believe in yourself. The strength of the book was that it was very interesting. It caught my attention because I love animals too. My book didn’t have any weakness.

The impression the book left me with was happiness. I would want my reader to know that the book is very nice and interesting. I would recommend this book to other person because it inspires me and it shows that dreams can come true. I enjoyed this book because animals are my life. I love them and I care for them.

The main point of this story is that Cara wants a horse of her own. Her parents don’t have the money to get a horse. Cara got in an argument...

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