Rockinh Horse

Rockinh Horse

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"The Rocking Horse Winner"

D. H. Lawrence’s story “The Rocking Horse Winner” is about a young boy who sets out on a journey to save his mother from bad luck. Lawrence’s writing style is mythical. The beginning of the story, the reader sees how Lawrence set the story in a fairytale fashion. He writes a mythical story by using fairytale story writing, supernatural forces and symbolic meaning.

In the opening of the story, Lawrence describes a beautiful woman who had all of life’s advantages except luck. The women had love but it had faded away. She had children but felt them to be intrusive and did not love them. Here the reader can see how Lawrence’s story is turning into a fairytale. The story continues with a description of how the damsel wants more money. She is the damsel in distress waiting for he knight in shining armor (Jenkins 261). The author’s use of simple words and sentences further emphases the fairytale style.

Lawrence uses this style of writing throughout the story with the use of linguistic repetition that stresses on certain phrases. These phrases are “there must be more money,” “luck,” and “when I’m sure” (Simone 998). Like the writing of a fairytale story Lawrence keeps his words and sentences short. They are simple and direct. His quotes are direct instead of indirect. For instance when Paul states “Well, I got there” and “Where I wanted to go" is an example of a direct quote. Lawrence not only use fairytale writing techniques but also makes use of the supernatural.

There a several events in the story that readers can label as supernatural. One such event is the house whispering “There must be more money” can lead the reader to believe that the house is possibly haunted. Haunted by the mothers need to have more materialistically. Not only is the house haunted but so are the Christmas toys. The toys as well seems to be whispering the same as the house. Another instance of supernatural element is when Paul is riding his...

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