My Ideal Society

My Ideal Society

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Army Distance Learning Program - Exam

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The final examination contains multiple-choice questions covering all lessons. This is an openInstructions book exam--you may use the text to find answers. To take the examination, follow these steps: Step 1 Action Review each question thoroughly before selecting a response. Point and click on the response you think is correct. Note: You may select only one answer for each question. Check your answers. Once you submit your exam with all answers marked, you can't retrieve it for changes. Point and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the exam. Your examination answers will be forwarded to the Army Institute for Professional Development for action. You will receive intermediate results by





Army Distance Learning Program - Exam

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e-mail. Final results will be sent to you by surface mail. If you cannot finish the exam in one session you will be given the option to save your exam temporarily. Simply click the submit button then click save. You will have 10 days to complete your exam for grading. The next time you login your exam will be automatically loaded with the responses you have previously marked.


1. Approval for negotiated sales of FEPP when the fair market value is over $100,000 is the
i j k l m n Service

center commander. j k l m n Sales Office chief. j k l m n Chief, DRMO. j k l m n HQ, DRMS. 2. The legislation requiring Government agencies to analyze the environmental impact of major Federal actions which significantly affect the quality of the human environment is the
j k l m n Toxic

Substances control act. j k l m n Clean air act. i j k l m n National Environmental Policy act. j k l m n Resource conservation and Recovery act. 3. In the DRMO, which branch prepares IFB's and flyers for local...

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