My Life - My Identity

My Life - My Identity

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Definition: The personal express of self either internal or external. When one gets to have an understanding of their self and knowledge of who they are and what they want in life then it marks the self express and that is IDENTITY.
Many a times people mistake identity to personality, these are two different things but they collaborate as the other depend on the other. U can not have an Identity without knowledge of personality although you can have a personality without an identity hence IDENTITY CRISES result which is the con fussed state of the self. It occurs when an individual does not really understand who they are or rather when they want to be better known as a friend to someone or fan of somebody that leads to the concept of LOOKING GLASS SELF which is the mirroring of yourself in the view of others. This gives one a FALSE CONSCIENCE and false Identity. Many People are mislead because they run away from their true identity.

Imagine a scenario where a friend u grew up with is seen on National TV doing a brilliant presentation or may be acting, you will most probably want to tell everyone close to you that you know that person and is your best friend, and you will most probably exaggerate this and that to create flavour and make yourself Big and known because of your friend but forgetting that is not you. Build your own identity through your DEEDS ant that will give you that CREDIT you want. It is very disappointing to die without LEGACY, hence many a times people want to build their Legacy with the image of others not knowing that by so doing you are actually promoting the other person and hence their Identity is growing in the Expense of yours.

So i encourage people especially the youth to stick to their self and strive to improve themselves as their Reality is what make a Legacy and Identity. Don't be IDIOSYNCRONISER as you will end up getting yourself and Identity that will take you time to shake off. Keep it Real All the time and your...

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