My Parents

My Parents

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I think that my parents are very different from each other. They never agree on a point. They always have different opinions, even on very simple issues. They argue all the time and I think this is their secret formula for staying married for such a long time. Arguing is a way of talking to each other and talking enables couples to know and understand each other. As a result, my parents are still together although they have more differences than similarities.

Their differences start with their appearances. My father is dark, very tall and of medium weight. On the other hand, my mother is not so tall; she is a little fat, and she has brown hair and a fair complexion. They don’t look similar at all. However, they look nice together.

In addition, their personalities are very different. My mother is open-minded; she doesn’t stick to one idea. She listens to other people and changes her mind if it is necessary. My father, on the other hand, is very stubborn. If he has an opinion, he refuses to change it. I think they have only one personality trait in common: they are both very giving to my sister and me.

Their tastes in life are different too. My father likes football and basketball games, while mother likes TV serials and movies. My father likes listening to music loudly and this annoys my mother.

They are very different but they have my sister and me in common. They love each other and us after so many years together. Some people say ‘opposites attract’. I think it is true.

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