Does Being a Parent Make One a Parent?

Does Being a Parent Make One a Parent?

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Does being a parent make one a parent?

Just because someone had sexual intercourse and conceived a child, does not make them a parent. Being a parent is more than just being a sperm donor or an egg carrier. One has to sacrifice practically their entire life to raise that child; make sure that child is fed, housed, and most importantly loved. A parent is one who actually cares for the child’s well being. Not every so called “parent” cares about their children growing up because they have no interest in knowing the child.
Typically, it is assumed that because one gave birth to a child or shared their sperm, they are parents. That is far from the truth. If that were the case, then all of the universal sperm donors would be casted as parents to hundreds of kids. A person cannot expect to be categorized as a parent if they are not present and supportive in their child’s life. For example, all throughout my childhood, I was raised by my mother. She basically gave up her whole future to raise me and my siblings. The only time I saw my father was every other weekend until I was about seven years old. He would constantly try to remind me that he was my parent but I always disagreed with him. It never occurred to him that maybe his children would need money for food or clothing or even a father figure for that matter. After we stopped going to his house for the weekends, he basically abandoned us. He never called to see how we were doing, if we had enough to eat or if we had clean clothes to wear. It took about eight or nine years before we ever saw him again. I was never able to see him as a parent because he didn’t put effort into wanting to see me or have a relationship with me.
When a person thinks of a parent, naturally sacrifice comes to mind. They understand that a parent is supposed to sacrifice their time, money, and basically their lives to raise their child. A parent must make sure that their child is fed, clothed, housed and...

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