Being a Child of Immigrants Parents

Being a Child of Immigrants Parents

Being A Child Of Immigrants Parents
Brittany Groves
Ashford University
Instructor: Shannon Sellers
October 1, 2012


The purpose of this paper is to inform you and others of my experience that I have been through having parents that are immigrants, the different obstacles that we as a family had encountered throughout their transition and the resolution to the obstacles. The negative words, the close doors and slander that they encountered. I will also discuss some of the many theories that were discussed in class and apply them to my paper.

Immigrants Parents
I was given the choice of several different topics that I could have chosen from to write my final paper on. I was struggling with the decision which on to pick, I had narrowed it down to three possible topics, but then I start to think if I would be able to write a thorough paper. Also remember the suggestions that was given to me from my instructor; writing about a topic if possible that I have personal experience with. After thinking about it I decided to writing about a topic very dear and important to me, and that topic is being the child to immigrant parents.
In the paper I will be discussing the different obstacles that I have encountered being child of immigrant parents. Some of the topics I will discuss are being accepted by others, strict rules, education, job discrimination, the way of living and culture differences.
Let me start off by saying I am very proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I will have to give the credit to my parents because with out them I would not exist, my parent Caribbean decent from the Grand Cayman Islands. They lived there whole life on any island that was populated at the time no more than 3,000. Everybody knew each other, and were very grateful for what they had. Both parents had to work to make ends meet, by doing what ever they had to do to make money. The father would usually be the one that went out and worked at sea on the...

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