The Most Selfless Love Is That of the Parent for a Child

The Most Selfless Love Is That of the Parent for a Child

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The most selfless love is that of the parent for a child. (Specific references to 2 works of fiction, providing examples of selfless love or vice versa dismissive incomprehension of adults.)

Among all human feelings, one of the most powerful is probably love. However, love has different manifestations, which we come across more or less frequently. Parental love for their children is just one of the various kinds of love, the most common one. Though it can be very controversial, as our emotional ties with our parents are stronger and often more complex than with anyone else. It’s no doubt that love and care are vital for our physical and psychological well-being. And it is natural desire of every parent to do everything for the sake of the child. For most people, loving a child is one of life's most beautiful experiences; giving someone life and helping them mature give profound meaning to our life. But sometimes parental love undergoes changes and selfless love occupies its place. The love turns to have no limits, even if he or she rejects and abuses the parents. Selfless love is some kind of sacrifice. Selfless love is something that can be very powerful on the one hand, having a revival meaning, but also destructive on the other hand, when confusion and anxiety spoil the peace and happy relationships that should reign in the family.

In the story “Gravity” David Leavitt, the author, skillfully describes the phenomena of selfless love that has a positive effect. It is Mother who performs a highest example of selfless love in this case. Her passionate love for the child is caused by the threat of his desperate disease. Her son is practically blind and only drugs keep him alive. Because of that she has the most extraordinary inner state, when all the values and hopes are focused on another person. She is independent on the opinions of others, her inner confidence is enough. Society moves backwards. People are staring at them, often sneering at...

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