being a foster parent

being a foster parent

How I became a foster parent and the experiences that came along with it. I chose this topic because I believe that the good foster parents are under appreciated. Now I do know the stories about the bad foster parents we have but not everyone is in for the money. In fact,they require you to have proof you can pay your own bills before you sign up.

I. Being a foster parent is time consuming.
A. Every child in the system must attend counseling at least once every two weeks.
B. Every child has anger issues of some sort so finding a sport or after school activity is essential.
C. I like my kids to feel and look good, so I am always shopping, getting their hair done, and working on their self esteem.
D. Most children require a constant supervision living requirement.

II. You have hardly any privacy while children are in your home.

A. You have to make sure you are constantly watching what you say and do.
B. Any body who is not back ground checked can not be around the children even if they are your friends.
C. Children in the system are very manipulative so maintaining a certain level of distance is required.

III. Oak plains gives foster parents the rights to treat the children as if they were our own.
A. You cannot spank or give any physical punishment.
B. You can plan trips and family activities.
C. You are allowed to dress a child as long as you do not alter their physical appearance.

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