My Sister and Bestfriend

My Sister and Bestfriend

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Who do you lean on when you have a troubled day? Even better, who do you share your fulfillments and joys with? Mine is my sister, Molly. Before I mix you up, she isn’t my sister, but my best friend. I have learned that when you find a true friend, they are your family. Molly was born on May 1, 1990. While that might not be an emphasis to you, but that was when an angel was born. She is a wonderful person because she’s caring, funny, and loving towards everyone and everything. She has always seen the brighter side of every situation. Molly makes me want to be a better person.

It was my first day of school and I was more excited than nervous. I Walked in Mrs. Holmes class with my Clifford backpack and black diamond shoes. My hair was parted neatly into four ponytails. I had blue ribbons at the end of my braids. Mrs. Holmes directed all of us to the "reading area" to sit. I was on time when everyone was strolling in. There I met Molly Southwell. Molly was charismatic and had a certain ora compared to the other kids. She had long wavy hair. I defined it at the time as "Strawberry" I couldn't count the amount of freckles she had on her body because there was thousands. She wore a white blouse and beige shorts. I realized that Molly was clumsy because she spilled red finger paint all over her ruffled shirt.

Recess time! That's all I could comprehend from Mrs. Holmes because that is the one thing I have wanted to do since I got there. Playing on the monkey bars or going down the slide was pure joy for me. All of us ran outside and claimed our territory. Craig, which was a tall stubborn boy wouldn't let me on the slide. I thought he was just being rude to everyone in the class, but it was just me. He didn't say anything to Emily, Melissa, or even Brandon. Molly happily came around and he pushed me aside and let her enjoy. I went in the corner all by my lonesome and started crying. I got my Barbie doll t-shirt soaking wet. Molly came along and asked me,...

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