My Ex Bestfriend

My Ex Bestfriend

Where will I go ???
Hello my nameis Katie . I am 29 years old and im married to a cop,his name is Derek . My husband has abused me for a while now and i am sick and tired of it,that's why even though i stabbed him he is still alive and i know he will find me wherever i go . I don't know where im gonna go cause i have no family,they all died in the family reuinion but im still alive cause i was to busy to go . I want to go somewhere with a family that i can be apart of and a man who will really loves me .

I am in my neighbors house cutting my hair and dying it blonde . I'm gonna change my name to Emily . I'm leaving maryland and going to find a family or at least a man who will love me . Now I am a blonde and my new name is Emily Fields , I hope this works . I am in the bus station , on the line to pay for a ticket but i don't know where i'm gonna go and who im gonna meet .

I decided where i'm gonna go . I am going to a little town in Atlanta . I bought my ticket and i am now on my way to a new life . I am on the bus waiting to see what my new life is gonna be like . If my husband does find me, I don't care and i won't run cause I have to stand up for myself and i have to respect myself .

Okay so i am in atlanta already . It is so nice and quiet here . I got a job at a resturant today and the owner of the resturant found me a home that i can stay in . Wow i just got here today and everything is working out . I think i might stay here for a while, at least here i can start fresh and find someone to love .

I have been in atlanta for about 4 days . So far i have met Amber (6 years old) Jake (amber's brother)and malcolm (amber's father) and sadly their mother died 3 years ago . Today we went to the beach together and took alot of pictures and we all had lots of fun . I think i found a family that i can be apart , if they let me be apart of their family .

Oh no Derek is here and he is trying to get me . I hope i'm safe in Malcolm's house . I haven't seen or...

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