My visitor

My visitor

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Ms.Jade collins !!! Finally Mr.Abbott none other than my history teacher called out my name with his usual frown in face. I stood awkwardly and marched towards his table for receiving my answer paper. Who loves to read history ?? Obviously not me, I cursed myself for taking history as one of my subject . As i received the paper I was in utter shock that my eyes widen as it will pop out of the sockets. An A+ in history at last !!!! I kept staring the paper to confirm whether it is mine or not , for my utter disbelief its mine.


"wake up wake up since your late
Wake up wake up wake up "

Hrrr.....I groaned as my stupid alarm wakes me up very morning even on sunday. Yeah ! may be its my fault who the hell will keep alarms for sunday morning ??? But me being jade collins did so, I'm sure my complete absence of mind will lead to a tragedy soon. Though It managed me to woke up me before creating an history by taking an A+ in such a dumb subject. No wonder !! Sometimes, Mr.Abbott used to say that "you can get an A+ only in your dreams Ms.collins", his deep hard voice echoed in my mind. Why not ?? But thats the true.

I know..... I know... Studies apart !! Wait ? Did I mention having a friend who goes insane all the time. And yes, she is 'Brooklyn williams', a beautiful lass with blonde hair and green eyes, to add she looks really hotter than me. Trust me !!! She is .

"jade, you have an visitor",my mom shouted. ' It would be nice if you come downstairs soon'. 'coming mom', I shouted back and took a quick shower,while tied up my golden brown hair into a messy bun. I dressed my self in skinny jeans and a plain white shirt. I'm too late, its already thirty minutes past eleven, Brooke will kill me for being late. Oh wait ?? Did my mom just mentioned her as a visitor ?? But she is my friend right ??? Thank god !! Its not Brooke and I'm saved from being killed by my own friend. I eagerly ran towards the living room to welcome the...

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