Brenda Gonzalez
Current World Issues Q4
Activity 2.4.1 Immigrational Speech

Immigrants are a major role in the United States economy. They come to the United States to work and help the economy grow. And that is why they are so important to America in order to increase America's economy.

To begin with, there are many ways America benefits from allowing immigrants to enter the workforce. One way is that the economy grows. Because immigrants played a central role in the cycle of the economic growth. Second, cities with thriving immigrant populations with high-earning and lower-wage workers tend to be those that prospered the most. Third, America gets bigger and more opportunities for jobs are created. Because the more people there is the more jobs there is.

Then, the importance of a multi-cultural society is really important. Because people need to learn how to get along with people from other countries and different cultures. So that way they could learn from each other and be better persons. And also to know each other and understand that no matter where you come from or from which culture you are everyone is the same.

Also, America would not be the greatest country without immigrants coming to America. Because immigrants do some of the hardest jobs that others would not do or do not know how to do. For example work in the fields (orchards) in the hot weather and working in the winter when it is really cold. If immigrants did not do those jobs then the economy of America would not be that good it would drop dramatically. Because those jobs would not be done and they would lose a of money.

In conclusion, immigrants are a huge importance in the United States economy. They make America a better place for job opportunities. And it is just good for everyone.

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