Mysterious creatures

Mysterious creatures

10 mysterious sea and land creatures that roam the earth.

These are creatures that roam the earth and sea, but are seldom seen by humans.These weird creatures have some mysterious capabilities like appearing and disappearing without traces, possessing unusual and some times impossible behaviors that are not seen with the usual creatures that we know and live with. Although there have been disputes pertaining the existence of these cryptic creatures, solid proofs about their existence like, photographic captures, footprints and eye witnesses are made available. Let's Read up the list.

This is the one of the most popular and the most seen among all the mysterious creatures that are sighted by humans. similar to big foot,the yeti has been sighted numerous times in the Himalayan mountain. Although there has been doubts by scientists,one strong evidence that the yeti really exist is its foot prints that was discovered for it is believed to be the big foot. The first sighting of this creature creature was in by
When it comes to description, it is humanoid in nature, it is barely 8 feet, with hairy body. Although it's specie is of unknown origin, the sightings suggest it is from the ape specie because of it's ape like appearance. Due to its white nature, some evolutionists believe that it's white nature is as a result of adaptations to the cold habitat that it is seen. One major baffling thing about this creature is the ability for the yeti to stand upright like that of a man and walk. Yeti's ability to manifest and hibernate easily without trace, has raised a lot of questions pertaining the creature. Although it has been sighted by numerous individuals, knowing the way about of this creature is still not known. Despite its fierce and monstrous looks, there has never been records of any violent attack on people living around where it is always sighted. The sighting location is between Tibet and Nepal.

This is among the seldom seen...

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