Nas Car

Nas Car

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Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Roman News Station. Rome is now facing a grave crisis; our well known Caesar was assassinated this morning under the statue of Pompey, by his beloved friend Brutus and his gang. After the assassination, Brutus had set a speech in the Forum, where crowds were demanding satisfaction over the murder of Caesar. Brutus had started off his speech by making citizens to be patient and to contain their emotions. He reminded them that he was an honorable Roman and he gave reasons why it was necessary to murder Caesar. At the end of Brutus’ speech citizens were convinced and cheered for him but then Antony entered with Caesar’s body. Antony delivered a reasoned speech, which slowly turned the attention away from the conspirators. Tonight Brutus speaks out for the first time about his assassination of Caesar, and the truth behind the curtain. We will be also featuring Mark Antony, to find out his feelings towards the assassination. Please welcome Brutus and Antony.

[As they enter the plebs cheered for Antony]

Plebeians: Antony! We want Antony!

Interviewer: Since we are short on time I would like to go straight to the questions. Brutus, we all know that you and Caesar had a good relationship so what motivated you to join the liberators and to assassinate Caesar?

Brutus: I was already very concerned about Caesar. I didn’t have any personal grudges against him and I was not interested in personal gain from Caesar’s death. I strongly believed that Caesar would corrupt the republic once he gained the crown. Now that Caesar is dead, we all live as free men. If he was alive, we would all go to our graves as slaves. I honored him for being a brave men but he was too ambitious, which I gave me no choice other than assassination.

Interviewer: You think that he would have turned into a tyrant if he was crowned. But Antony what do you personally think about Caesar, did he deserve this death or not?


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