Negative Effects of School Violence

Negative Effects of School Violence

“Negative Effects of School Violence”

Since the first time a group of children walked into a class room there has been some sort of school violence. Stories of school yard fights are legendary and have been portrayed in art, writings and the movies for generations. The days of a school yard fight where at worst one got a black eye and at best you became friends has been replaced with highly publicized episodes of school shootings, cyber bullying and school beating uplinked to youtube. All these result in negative risk factors for the individual and result in negative behavior. I will explain the negative effects of school violence touching on several different risk factors that result from school violence.

One of the risk factors that evolve from school violence is the need to protect oneself from further attacks or threats. Unfortunately the inability to protect one’s self and fear of being attacked can result in ratcheting up potential violence. Often the individual finds a need to arm themselves, the CDC did a study on weapons carried on school grounds and reported “5.9% of students carried a weapon (e.g., a gun, knife, or club on school property during the 12 months before the survey” (CDC). This can have disastrous results as witnessed by increased reported shootings on school grounds over the last few years.

Often individuals will seek asylum or escape. When the inability to hide from those who wish to do us harm arises individuals will often at times look to withdraw within. This is achieved through self-medication either by drugs or alcohol. “22.3% of students were offered, sold or even given an illegal drug by someone on school property” (DOE). A direct effect from this is that one can develop lifelong drug or alcohol dependency problems which have secondary effects such as in ability to hold a job, homelessness or even death by overdosing.

Violence breads violence. Stress, fear, anxiety and an inability to channel ones...

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