Netw240 Wk3 Report

Netw240 Wk3 Report

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NETW320 Week 7 Report
Advanced QoS Configuration (40 points)
Date: 4/15/2015

Write a paragraph (minimum five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab and what you learned by performing it? (10 points)
Our goal is to do the classification and marking when the different traffic types are coming to one port, and be able to differentiate between them based on some criteria such as source IP address.

Answer the following questions with short answers, and Copy and Paste the screenshots or the show output command, when it is required, from the configuration.
*Hint* Read and study the explanations within the lab for assistance.

1. What was accomplished in task 2? (3 points)
We configured the IP filters or access-lists.
2. What was accomplished in task 3? (3 points)
We created a class for each service and configured them.
3. What was accomplished in task 4? (4 points)
we now create a policy that we will apply at the ingress of the port that the traffic is coming to and decide how to classify and mark is class of traffic. We will use layer 3 DSCP marking: DSCP 48 for VOIP, DSCP 32 for TV, and DSCP 0 for Internet.
4. Copy and paste the output from the show command of task 3, step 4. (5 points)

5. In the output of task 3, step 4, which access-list was used for TV traffic? (5 points)
Access-list 102

6. Copy and paste the output from the show command in task 4, step 2. (5 points)

7. In the output of task 4, step 2, what does cs6 represent? (5 points)
DSCP 48 was named cs6.

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