New Managerial Positions Created

New Managerial Positions Created

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Career Development Plan
By: Lester Smith
University of Phoenix

New Managerial Positions Created
Given the success of this merger, it will be necessary to expand our sales and management team, to meet the growing demand of our existing clients, and potential clients in the near future. We will be actively looking to fill the following newly created positions in the very near future:

Hub Manager
Operations Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Outside Sales Representative
Outside Sales Representatives

Outline The Training And Mentoring Goals Of The Program
The main objective and goal of this training and mentoring program, is to educate our sales team on the industry, and how as an organization we will compete in the market. For this to happen, we as an organization must be committed to training and mentoring, make sure the company and organizational goals are clearly defined, stress the importance of team member input and participation, and invest the necessary resources to make this happen. We have defined our overall objective of developing the training and mentoring program, but ultimately, we want to focus our training goals as an organization based on the following:

Organizational – as a company, how and where will training benefit us moving forward.
Operational – what will be required to train and mentor our sales team, and provide direction on what is required to be successful
Individually – provide training based on the individual skill sets of the sales and management team

Training Methods
We will be utilizing many different training techniques in our training and mentoring program. There will be an abundance of information available to pull from. “Informational presentation techniques include lectures, conferences, correspondence courses, videos, internet and intranet, and intelligence tutoring” (Cascio, 2006, p.305). Our sales and management team will focus on customer based cleaning and sanitation programs, thus they will be...

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