Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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Xiaochi Yang

1AVA Canadian Studies

Joel Melton

May 13, 2010

Niagara Falls

Today we went to our coveted Niagara Falls. It was a long tried trip but along with

excitement and curiosity. When I was in my elementary school in China I had already heard

about Niagara Falls were being well-known as one of the three largest waterfalls throughout

the world. Niagara Falls now continuously attract tourists all over the world because of its

unspoilt natural environment. What is Niagara Falls doing to conserve its natural

environment? I think all the answers are in their advanced park system.

After you entered the main entrance of Niagara Falls, you will see a large vast of green

besides the separated parks. The local government is concentrating on planting as more

trees as possible throughout the city. There are also some special policies to conserve their

natural environment such as Plant Health Care, Recycling and Composting, Project

Tree-Cycle etc. The Plant Health Care policy is aimed at greatly reducing the use of pesticide

in Niagara Falls. It will keep our natural environment away from chemical pollution. The

Recycling and Composting program is aimed at recycling the raincoats which are made from

biodegradable plastic after we take a close visit to Niagara Falls on the Maid in the Mist and

using them as compost to feed plants. There are millions of tourists coming to visit Niagara

Falls every year, so you can imagine how much we saved to protect our environment. The

Tree-Cycle program is encouraging local residents to replant their used Christmas trees.

Conserving our natural environment not only need our governmental policy but also

need us everybody to get involved. Don`t throw your garbage everywhere on the road; don`t

waste water while you are taking a shower; don`t only use one side of your paper. These all

the easiest things we can do in our daily lives to...

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