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I can have a buffalo because my grandpa used to own the buffalo ranch. I am going to tell you about buffalo. I am going to tell you about what they need, what they eat, and my opinion.

The first thing that I am going to tell you about is what the buffalo need. They need food, water shelter and land. So that is what you have to pay for food, water, shelter, and land. I will talk about the food and water later. The shelter that they need is warm to get food. You need to have a nice piece of land for the herd. You should have a herd of buffalo because one might get lonely.

The next thing is what buffalo eat. Buffalo eat a lot of stuff. They eat corn, grass, wheat, grain, and hay. The corn that they eat is hard and dry. They eat grass like normal horses. They don’t eat grain or wheat very often. The buffalo at the ranch get hay every day.

The last fact is my opinion. My opinion is that only trained people should have buffalo. The bills and health for buffalo is too much for me. So no I don’t think just anyone could own one, only one.

I want a buffalo because my grandpa owned the buffalo ranch but, I can’t get one because it is too much work. It is hard work with bills and health. Shots and gas bills don’t help. The reason I said gas is because you need it for you tractor.

-Matthew L. Childs

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